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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #7: Vashj'ir

Having got my druid to level 80 I took her into Vashj'ir. Personally I love the underwater world that Vash is but I do not like the 3D nature of it and find it confussing. Hence I normally avoid it. But there is one major bonus of going as a druid - aquatic form plus thus the movement buff means you move very fast!!
To battle...

Shark Surfing?
 IntPiPoMo Progress: 50/50
So this concludes my efforts for IntPiPoMo this year - until November 2014!!
Also a massive thank you to everyone that took part this year :)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I'm back with #IntPiPoMo 2013 #6: Some Delights of Dalaran

This past weekend I was away at my parents house for my mums 60th birthday. I had intended to blog on Friday but in the end I decided to travel to my parents straight from work as I was working away mid-way between my home and theirs. As a result I wasn't able to complete #IntPiPoMo in November but I'm not going to give up that easily...

IntPiPoMo Progress: 40/50
I wanted to do Dalaran for two reasons - firstly I love the city but secondly to celebrate my druid reaching level 80 and moving into the Cata zones. The last 10 IntPiPoMo screenshots will be from there.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #5: Lakeshire and the Priest

Lakeshire is a lovely little town in the Redridge Mountains and I've spent a few hours picking herbs there this evening... on my new priest! That's right - priest! Following the success I had with Ferleno during #PriestWeek I felt inspired to roll one on my home server. I woke up Sunday with a plan in mind and Chubbwubb was born!

Since then I have played 9hrs 58mins on her and got her to near enough level 26 (she's currently 92% through level 25) via the amazingness that is insta-queues when you're a healer. Ah I forgot to mention that part - so not only have I rolled a priest that I like but I've plucked up the courage to heal in dungeons! *happy dance*.

On with the screenshots...

Over the bridge...

Inside the townhall.
Inn complete with random Draenei!

Romantic meal perhaps?
Someone's been cooking up a potion!
 IntPiPoMo Progress: 35/50

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #4: Crystalsong Forest

I'm a big fan of the cold, wintery feel that Northrend has as a general theme but there's one little pocket that whilst still feeling cold is almost certainly more a bright spring morning than a wintery night - Crystalsong Forest!

IntPiPoMo Progress 25/50

Sunday, 24 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #3: The Enchanted Fey Dragon

I gave in and purchased the special bundle which includes the Enchanted Fey Dragon and the Alterac Brew-Pup - both of which I love and have been waiting some time for.

 It seems they're a fairly big hit within the community as I've seen a lot around...

IntPiPoMo Progress: 21/50

Thursday, 21 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #2: Timeless Beasts

In the past I've posted a fair few pics of the Timeless Isle but I feel I've neglected the plethora of creatures found there and as a biologist this is pretty sucky of me. I have to admit that I'm always interested by the animals I find in each zone and in particular those that come with new expansions. Geeky I know *grins*

I found this weird creature that looked exactly like me...
These guyss hit pretty hard so I kept my distance!
I definately got too close trying to take a pic of these...

I think these guys are awesome :)

More my scene...
IntPiPoMo Progress 17/50

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo 2013 #1: Shrine of the Seven Stars

A few weeks ago I posted about IntPiPoMo 2013 and I've since slacked off a bit. Which means with just 10 days of November left I am facing the task of taking 50 screenshots!

For me the Shrine of the Seven Stars is a place I visit most times that I am in Azeroth yet I've never fully appreciated it for all it's little quirky features. Here's some of them...